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We would like to thank our customers, staff, and everyone who helped Kirimachi Ramen become a great ramen shop.

Sadly, the building where Kirimachi is located is currently for sale on the market. Our last day of service will be September 27, 20013.

We are looking for a new space in the Bay Area and promise to return with more delicious ramen. Chef Leo is creating a new ramen dish that will be revealed when we open our new shop.

We are also open to franchising possibilies. If you would liek to open a Kirimachi Ramen shop in your neighborhood, please contact us at or at (415) 335-5865.

Thank you for your continued support!


Kirimachi, a ramen shop in the outskirts of North Beach, San Francisco. Chef Leo trained in Japan and focuses on different style of Japanese ramen with fresh chewy noodles.

We make a limited amount of broth each day, using the freshest ingredients available. Since each batch takes 12 hours to prepare, it means that, unfortunately, sometimes we run out.

We appreciate your understanding in our efforts to bring you the very best ramen.

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